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This page consist of zines that are not only done locally, but in and around the globe. Zines are made to educate people of what is happening around in their surroundings, so here are some of those zines that had contributed to the scene. Here are some of the zines that i managed to gather...

  • The Zine List

    Sufferage Fanzine *malaysian HC*
    Forbidden Planet Zine *great layout*
    Genesis E-zine *infos on DC, Marvel..etc.*
    BigO *the local music scene*
    Underground Xcess
    Adge zine *sk8*
    The Frantic zine *sXe, animal right*
    Xfend for urselfX *the name says it all*
    Ezine links
    Blind Man's Fury
    Earquake Zine
    Failure is not an Option
    Fierce Earth
    Hardcore, the discussible
    Hold True

    If there are any zines that you wanna add to this page, kindly mail me.
    For everyone, the scene is made better..THANKS