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Snapcase - Progresssion Through Unlearning..

Well, only one word for these buffalo hardcore followers, GREAT. Following their debut album, Lookinglasself and then their EP, Steps, Snapcase have truelly outgrown themselves. With a couple of new band members, they had driven themselves to the limit. This new release under VICTORY, is a different thing altogether from their previous releases. 10 songs with powerful guitar riffing and ass-kicking drums, followed by Daryl's outstanding vovals, the band kicks off with *i personally think is the best song on the album* CABOOSE. The CD is also an ENHANCED CD, which features QuickTime tracks for viewing on ur PC. It includes interviews with the bands, an a few live clippings. GET THIS ONE..!!!!!

Straight Edge As FUCK Part 1 & 2 - V/A..

This is one compilation u must get. Featuring 15 bands and 18 songs, this CD gives u a clear of the Umea*Swedish* hardcore scene. Bands such as SHIELD, ABHINANDA, REFUSED, DOUGHNUTS, FINAL EXIT, SOLITUDE will kick u up the ass. This CD kicks off with a song by SHIELD *Kaleidoscope*, melodic-hardhitting, cool acoustic and great vocals, this band is surely something to lookout for. This CD is distributed by DFR so go and order it. I ordered mine but got stuck at the censorship board, got it back though. FUCK the LAW...

Stones to Mark A Fire - A Benefit compilation..

First of all, this is a benefit compilation and a tribute to ROD CORONADO, members of the ALF. Inside are 19 anthems of discontent, rage and militancy. From Hardcore, Metal, Punk, Hip-Hop and Reggae. This is the voice of a revolution. Its heart and its soul. This is music for war, sound which both inspire the righteous and terrify the wicked. Songs from bands like EARTH CRISIS, ABNEGATION, CULTURE, TENSION and lots more shows the passion and power of this movement. It includes a letter written by ROD CORONADO. So go get IT. Distributed by Militant Records and Vegan Earth Order. The proceeds from this compilation will benifit Rod Caronado's defense fund, community work on the YAQUI RESERVATION, and various Animal Liberation, Environmantalist selected by ROD himself.

Fraction Zero - Liberation..

If u are an NY lover, this is one cd u must get. Sounds a little like SOIA but are much, much better in terms of guitar works and plenty of guitar solos. Powerful vocals makes it all the more merrier. A total of 17 songs, the band touches on animal liberation, man against man, corruption and more. Need I say more ? Distributed under IJT Records, NY.

Refuse - Songs to Fan the Flames of Discontent..

Compared to the older Refuse albums, this one's a much more groovy hardcore alongside ryhtemic vocals. These masters of revolutions have proven themselves to be among the best in the Umea Scene. Their songs will leave u skanking and diving all over. Manic paced, metal-edged hardcore with excellent social political overtones. REVOLUTION MUSIC.

Strain - Here And Now..

This is a really awesome release from the Vancouver band. If it's powerful, heavy hardcore you want then you've come to the right place. Some songs are new school-like and others are faster and more old school. The first song entitled "Here and Now" is my favourite. They were released under New Age Records. Too bad they're splitting, what a waste. But watch out for their upcoming release. It sure as hell will be good.

Turmoil - From Bleeding Hands..

The band combines the metallic HC of EARTH CRISIS, a little bit of the crazyness of OVERCAST, crazy pissed off vocals and a healthy dose of their own style. This CD is their 1st full-length after some EP's and really shows the class that they have... Solid release. Worth getting. Available at HMV at a VERY EXPENSIVE PRICE. *if u get what i mean*. Century Media Release.

Shai Hulud - A Profound Hatred of Man..

This ep from the band contains 3 songs of pure ruin and defeat. The guitars are outstanding, melodious with well put together riffs. And guess what, the vocalist is only 15. At his age, he sure as hell hates alot of things out there. They're a 5 piece terror-core outfit from the mecca of death metal, Florida. People describe them as a blend between DEADGUY(white meat era) and UNBROKEN. I still can't figure out the meaning of their name. Anyway, this is a must get. Distributed by Crisis Records.

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