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Rage Generation V/A

“A New Hope”

As time passes, the hardcore scene here grows stronger and more followers have appeared. Soon more and more bands were spotted and two more compilations had to be released. Rage Generation's A New Hope and Pony Canyon's Flush After Use. Both these compilations featured "new skool" bands such as Tools of Society, Stampede, Retribution, Dogs Nation and 4-Sides.

A New Hope, by Rage Generation ia a documentation of the new generation of the Lion City Hardcore scene. A new wave of bands, new blood, new HOPE. Never has the live, immense energy of the scene been captured on CD since the 'LCHC-Together At Last' compilation. Rage Generation initially started out as a fanzine, but has branched out into a record/distro label. This is because they felt that by doing the fanzine alone was not enough of a contribution to the scene.

  • Bands involved in the compilation :

    1) XTools of SocietyX
    2) 916
    3) Retribution
    4) XStampedeX
    5) The Jabs
    6) Recover
    8) Revolt


    Sounds from A New Hope

  • Tools Of Society--Outcries Of Freedom *257kb*
  • Retribution--Distorted *256kb*
  • Recover--Side By Side *200kb*

    There will be a second part to this awesome compilation coming up soon. So keep in touch.