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Lion City HardCore
“Together At Last”

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  • This Band Needs Ur Support!!!

    Hardcore, Love it or Leave it..!!!

  • Hi....welcome to the only Lion City Hardcore Homepage. In case you people don't know, Lion City is another name for Singapore.We here are very greatfull that a hardcore scene exist in Singapore.

    STRYDLE at the xCOREx club

    I created this page because I feel that not much people know that the scene exist here in Singapore. Bands such as Stomping Ground, Four Sides, and other old skool Singapore Bands have gained the recognition to be known world wide. Lion City Hardcore is actually a compilation that has been put together by Reconstrux Records *a minor label here in Singapore* and also by all the bands that were involved in this compilation.

    Mahathir of RECOVER

    Soo far, there were only 3 major compilations made by the few distros here...
    They are namely, Reconstrux Records' “Together at Last”, Rage Generation's “A New Hope” and Pony Canyon's “Flush After Use”. There have been many smaller scale compilations but many of them have been out of print. Venture through this page to get some info on the LCHC scene..

    The growth and longevity of this scene relies on your support. Support the scene cause it supports you. Start a band, fanzine, distro, record label, organizations etc...we have to start doing it ourselves or the scene will be dead before you know it.

    - Rage Generation

    Last but not least, all these compilations will not end here. More projects are soon to follow. More gigs will be held. And hopefully more underground bands will show up to support the scene.
    This page is still under construction. More is to come.Visit this page again for updates.THANKS!
    If you guys have any stuffs to add on to this page, mail me...

  • Pictures from the last xCOREx gig.

  • Reviews.

  • New Direction#1 Zine out NOW...GET IT !!!
    Interview with Ignite etc.

    Get these stuffs.
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