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“Flush After Use V/A”

And finally Flush After Use was released by Pony Canyon and it was a stepping stone for underground bands to go mainstream. This CD featured only 1 hardcore and 1 ska band which are, Four Sides and Dog's Nation. These bands were spotted when performing in local gigs at the Substation or anywhere else by Wati, Pony Canyon's talent scout and producer of this CD.

  • Bands involved in th compilation

    Sideshow Judy
    Stoned Revivals
    Dog's Nation
    The Mother
    4 Sides

    4-Sides at the xcorex club

  • Sounds from Flush After Use

    Four Sides--Tomorrow *214kb*
    Dog's Nation--You, Me and Lies

    “to empty a full bladder is one of the great human joys”
    -Henry Miller